Warehousing and services

On an area of 2 ha, we have a very well-developed infrastructure to serve our customers, i.e.:

  • cold rooms with a total area of 2,500 m2,
  • a banana ripening room,
  • a fruit packaging building with an area of 170 m2.

As part of the temporary storage and distribution facility we provide the following services:

  • storage of EU and non-EU goods for Polish and foreign clients,
  • consignment services for foreign customers,
  • preparation of goods for release from the temporary storage facility as part of customs handling activities, as requested by the customer,
  • picking groupage goods,
  • warehouse service – reloading work with the use of specialized equipment or manual work,
  • customs and forwarding services to the full extent within our own customs and forwarding agency, which has simplified procedures very convenient for customers, phytosanitary services for fruits and vegetables, as well as assistance in obtaining certificates of commercial quality, certificates of origin, etc.

We offer to customers who decide to cooperate with us:

  • facilities equipped with professional 24/7 industrial monitoring supervised by a licensed security agency,
  • securing and insuring stored goods,
  • favorable storage conditions,
  • checking the quality of imported goods,
  • attractive and competitive rates for services provided, agreed individually with each customer, taking into account the specific nature of the services provided.

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